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April 2023 ARVO, New Orleans Charlie Lui (left), Dr. Printha Wijesinghe, Dr, Joanne Matsubar and Manjosh Uppal(right) attending ARVO 2023.

April 2023 ARVO, New Orleans Charlie Lui (left), Dr. Printha Wijesinghe and Manjosh Uppal(right) presenting their research findings.

April 2023 – Dr. Joanne Matsubara(left), Manjosh Uppal and Parveen Johal(right) at the annual Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Research Day.

April 2023 – Manjosh Uppal (right) and Dr. Neeru Gupta.  Manjosh wins the Best Presentation by Graduate Student at the annual Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Research Day.

Eleanor's Retirement Dinner

April 2023 – Eleanor’s retirement dinner

Summer 2021 – Jing and Jeanne working at the lab

February-March, 2020 Celebrating Jing and Eleanor’s birthdays with a pot-luck lunch in the lab.

Sept 2019 Gained in Translation, Portland Oregon

Dr. Matsubara presenting research from UBC/SFU on Visualizing Amyloid Beta in the Alzheimer’s Eye. Other panelists include Dr. Cecilia Lee (UW) and Dr. David Huang (OHSU)

COS 2019, Quebec City

Amyloid-ß localization in the human retina: Exploring potentials of early and non-invasive ocular detection of Alzheimer’s disease winning 3rd prize in the 2019 COS Poster Awards for Excellence in Ophthalmic Research competition. (with COS Awards Committee Chair, Dr. Cindy M.L. Hutnik)

Presenting retinal Amyloid-ß research to increase exposure of our work and facilitate further discussion with COS meeting attendees.

Dr. Alan Proia from Duke University, Keynote Speaker at COS 2019, showing interest in our Amyloid-ß project.

ARVO 2019 – Matsubara lab in action.

Dr. Matsubara (right) and medical student, Mackenzie Campbell (left) standing in front of their poster.

Medical student Ahmad Sidiqi talking to meeting attendees about his research on in vivo imaging of curcumin labelled retinal amyloid beta.

(Left to right) Gurkaran Sarohia, Siqi Li, Drs. Jing Cui and Joanne Matsubara standing in front of Siqi’s ARVO poster titled “NLRP3 inflammasome activation during glaucoma pathogenesis in DBA/2J mouse model”.

(Left to right) Drs. Sieun Lee, Kailun Jiang and Joanne Matsubara presenting their study on “Retinal amyloid beta load in Alzheimer’s disease”.

Geoffrey Charm (left) and Alis Xu (right) explaining their research findings of using ocular amyloid beta as a biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease.

(Left to right) Dr. Joanne Matsubara, Dr. Jing Cui, Geoffrey Charm, Dr. Sieun Lee, Alis Xu, Dr. Kailun Jiang

Congrats to Drs. Chris Laver (left) and Jiangyuan Gao (right) on receiving their PhDs with President Santa Ono on November 24, 2017 (top). Warm congratulations from lab members (bottom).

Matsubara Lab celebrates May 15, 2017 announcement of their new CIHR Project Grant Award!

(Top) Ho-Young, Luba, Johnathan, Eleanor, Sijia; (Middle) Eric, Wade, Chris, Alison, Monica, Jordan; (Bottom) Jing, Joanne, Alis, Elliott.


ARVO 2017 – Matsubara lab in action. (Left) Dr. Jing Cui standing in front of her poster titled “Drusen component amyloid beta promotes membrane attack complex formation on ARPE-19 via classical pathway and upregulates pro-inflammatory cytokines“. (Right) Dr. Sijia Cao talking to meeting attendees about her project titled “Quantification of amyloid beta in the eye: Novel biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease“.


UBC medical student Kresimir Ukalovic (Left) and SFU post-doctoral fellow Dr. Sieun Lee (Right) presenting their ARVO poster titled “Drusen in the Peripheral Retina of the Alzheimer’s Eye“.

Group picture (left to right): Dr. Jing Cui, Dr. Sijia Cao, Brandon Mcllmoyle, Kresimir Ukalovic.



Congrats to Sijia as she receives her Ph.D. in the hooding ceremony with President Santa Ono on November 25, 2016 (top). Warm congratulations from friends and lab members (bottom).


Dr. Matsubara (4th from left) with UBC’s 15th President Santa Ono (3rd from left) at the Installation Breakfast on November 22, 2016.


Version 2

Dr. Sieun Lee (from SFU, left), Dr. Joanne Matsubara (middle), and Dr. Faisal Beg (from SFU, right) presenting their scientific results on Alzheimer’s disease and the retina at CCNA 2016 Vancouver meetings.


IMG_2536 copy.JPG

Dr. Matsubara talking at the public forum on “Alzheimer’s Disease and the Retina” at CANAD 2016 Vancouver meetings.



Dr. Paul Kaufman (left) and Dr. Matsubara (right) at ISER 2016 in Tokyo, Japan.

ISER_with_Dr. Iwata and Fujikawa

ISER 2016 Gala Dinner: Dr. Furukawa (left), Dr. Iwata (middle) and Dr. Matsubara (right).


ISER 2016 Gala Dinner: Dr. David Hinton (left), Dr. Matsubara (middle), and Dr. Jay Ma (right).


ISER 2016 Gala Dinner: Dr. Idris Samad (first row, left), Dr. Yeni Hasan (second row), Dr. Matsubara (first row, right).

September 2016 – Matsubara Lab Introduction Video

Sijia Defense.jpg

July 21, 2016 – Congratulations to Dr. Sijia Cao on her successful oral defense!

After defense.jpg defense lunch.jpg

July 21, 2016 – Lab lunch celebrating Dr. Sijia Cao’s graduation.

IMG_0503.jpg IMG_0507.jpg


January 2016 – Lab party at Joanne’s.